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Hire Our Juicing Kit

We have three full apple press kits available to hire out in the South West. They are fully mobile and fit in the back of an ordinary car. The complete jucing kits are available for just £35 per day (per kit). There is an annual membership fee of £5 which can be paid when you hire. For larger scale juicing projects we have a 90litre hydropress available. We can also supply 75cl bottles with caps for 75p each on a sale/return basis - please let us know your requirements.

The mills work on mains electricity and the presses run off mains water pressure. They are incredibly easy to use, very efficient and hygienic. We do supply instructions for use but don't just take our word for it - come along to one of the Community Juicing events for a spot of practice and see it in action.

Juicing kits will be available to collect the evening before your hire day, and will normally need to be returned, fully cleaned, the following evening. Times for collection and return will be confirmed with our Apple Press Manager when you book your hire date. Collect from The Greenhouse which is the base of our operation in central Wiveliscombe.

To hire an apple press kit please provide your preferred date, phone number and postal address using either the Contact Form or in an e-mail to .

Please check calendar below for availability. For further information please check FAQs page.

What's in the Kit?

  • Speidel Mill
  •      40l Hydropress
  •    Pasteurisers
  •    Buckets, Sieves, gloves etc

We'll provide you with equipment, induction and support - all you need to make amazing juice!

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Juicing Kit Availability

Make a booking:

  • 07581 241 843

An Introduction to the Juicing Process.

Please note our equipment includes Speidel Mill and 40l Hydropress.
More about our Juicing Equipment

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Speidel Mill

Fruit is sliced and pulverised by a three part stainless steel blade system, and is charged through the chute. Cut out switch inactivates mill if hopper is removed. Reversible, durable blades. Very easy to clean and maintain.

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40 Litre Hydropress

The hydropress contains a rubber bag, which is inflated by mains water pressure (or by pumped water). Good juice yields can be achieved. Supplied with an inner press mesh and hose connections.

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Suitable for the effective pasteurisation of juices. The pasteuriser will hold 14 x 75cl bottles. Adjustable thermostat and timer for accuracy and ease of use.

  • "We have juiced 250 bottles today. It's been amazing!"
    Jennifer Dean
  • "This is exactly how technology should work - robust, intuitive, efficient. You provide a fine resource for the community."
    James Hayward
  • "The process is so straightforward. Friends and family worked together harmoniously to produce some very tasty juice."
    Lester Grey
  • "I've just made nectar of the Gods!"
    Fiona Campbell

Since 2008 we have helped our local community produce about 20,000 litres.
Please help us build on this success by supporting the Cooperatives development.