Make a Donation

Make a donation today to help our cause. Below are several key areas which need your support. Donations can be made securely with paypal/card.

Food Bank Support£10

£10 enables us to provide a local food bank with a case of our juice.

  • Positive social impact
  • Supports local basic needs
  • Provides access to local product
  • Builds awareness of Cooperative
  • Promotes engagement opportunities

Sponsor a Fruit Tree£25

We'd love to plant an orchard for the benefit of our community.

  • Revive orchard tradition
  • Celebrate local heritage
  • Support local food production
  • Catalyst for community engagement
  • Habitat creation for biodiversity

Outreach Development£50

Help enable us to provide outreach provision to

  • Maximise fruit production
  • Reduce isolation
  • Increase education
  • Empower people with learning or mental health challenges
  • Broaden community engagement
  • Create positive social & economic impact
  • Support local food chains

Thank you. We value your support.