Supporting You!

We can help you get started!

We've been up and running for a number of years now and have gained invaluable experience - we've overcome challenges, avoided pitfalls and established the Cooperative on a foundation of good practice. We fully recognise that local food cooperatives (and wider sustainability schemes) are integral to the communities which they serve.

Since our inception we have been able to support and advise numerous like-minded projects on diverse issues such as legal constitutions, funding opportunities, public engagement, equipment, orchard creation and management.

We've delivered talks, demonstrations and welcomed the curious and the thirsty into the community for hands-on experience and to see the Cooperative at work.

We fully recognise the urgency required to build resilience at local level and, as such, wish to share what we have achieved with groups, projects and individuals keen to embark on a similar journey. We see no point in reinventing the wheel.

So if you have any questions about any part of what we have achieved do feel free to make contact. Or, even better, come and stay for a few days during harvest time.