Community Juicing

We aim to facilitate access to the juicing process to all members of the community.

mock Community Juicing - Always informative.

We recognise that the amount of fruit produced year on year can fluctuate enourmously - from the meagre to the abundant. Furthermore, we appreciate that not all of the community have access to trees, orchards or fruit to justify hiring our equipment. Therefore our Community Juicing sessions are scheduled weekly to support juice production for those with small quantities of fruit.

Since their launch, these sessions have been incredibly popular - it is an opportunity to learn about apple varieties, share fruit growing experiences, make delicious juice blends and meet fellow juicers. They are run by volunteers and rely on the good will of all the participants involved to ensure the ongoing success. In order to effectively realise the sessions, Brendon Orchards Cooperative kindly requests that participants observe the following guidelines:

  • Limit to the amount of fruit. If you have more than a couple of sacks of apples then you really should be hiring the kit for a day otherwise others don't get a chance to juice their fruit.
  • Wash the apples before you come.
  • Book in for a slot. Please email or call.
  • Please sign-in on arrival at Apple HQ in the book on the front desk.
  • Bring enough bottles. About 50% of the fruit is actually juice so that should help you plan, so start saving those old juice bottles ready for next year. But in the worst case we do actually sell empty bottles.
  • Be prepared to collaborate. This means that your apples may be mixed with others in order to fill the hydropress and optimise workflow.
  • Plan to take your pulp home. Although we do have some local farmers who can occasionally collect the pulp it would be very helpful if you plan to take your pulp home - it makes fantastic compost and many animals love it (pigs, horses, etc)
  • Our volunteer-led community juicing sessions are free, donations are welcome to help cover the groups running costs.
  • We encourage all community juicers to become a member of our cooperative so we can keep you up to date on events and activities.

Community Juicing Availability