We are an active group of volunteers who are passionate about fruit!

Established in 2007 to benefit the local community by helping them to use fruit which would otherwise go to waste, Brendon Orchards is a fantastic orchard and juicing cooperative based in Wiveliscombe, Somerset.

Brendon Orchards is a community venture. It brings together diverse elements - young and older, farmers and foragers. Pressing apples provides fantastic, healthy drinks, while encouraging an awareness of the value of local produce and sense of just how special the orchards of Somerset are. Children see just how food is produced - it doesn't all just magically arrive in the supermarket. Apple Days are an opportunity to not only make juice to keep from your own fruit, but also identify your apples, bob for apples, share an apple-based meal or just have a cuppa and meet new people.

Our mission is simple, we aim to:

  • Provide ways for the community to make its own produce from locally grown fruit, thereby preventing wastage and supporting the community by linking people and groups with surplus fruit
  • Provide training on juicing, orchard management and fruit usage, and to maximise production from such fruit
  • Increase the economic sustainability of the local area and reduce food miles by creating high quality local products which will be available locally.
  • Gather knowledge of where local orchards and individual trees are, their history and varieties.
  • Hold events such as apple days, wassailing and blossom picnics.
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